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God is...

By jps Within the context of the Hebrew Bible, the book of Job thus primarily contradicts the God of justice as presented by the prophets: God, as Job shows us, can destroy us without reason. It also contradicts the merciful God of Priestly literature: we must accept God not only as the …read more

Job 20

By Bob MacDonald Enjoying this so much! Zophar’s next speech has been unfairly treated. ‘Rain on his picnic’. Is that in the Bible or in Shakespeare? (Hint: this whole speech is by Bottom).

Don’t forget the omission of ‘God’ in the traditional hell fire and brimstone passages (v 23, compare with the last verses …read more

Job 11

By Bob MacDonald Job chapter 11 divides every 6 verses with reasonable but limited recurrence of words,
verses 1-6, these four in parallel sequence ענּה אמּר דּבּר שׂפּה
7-12 these in a circular pattern – what can you know ידּע מּצא אםּ מּה
13-20 these in a parallel sequence (except היה) focusing on expectation אםּ אתּה …read more