Digest for July 6th, 2015

Top 20 Biblical Commentary Posts

  1. Update for July 6th, 2015 by arenmaeir (blog)
  2. O Give Me a Home, Where the… by Scot McKnight (blog)
  3. The Courts Vindicate Grammar by Scot McKnight (blog)
  4. Copy Factbook Entries into Your Word Processor by Morris Proctor (blog)
  5. 75% off Boice’s Expositional Commentaries by Derek Fekkes (blog)
  6. Gospel of Jesus’ Wife Forgery Subject of Latest NTS Journal – Free Access by MSH (blog)
  7. Travel Back in Time with the Virtual Bible by DavidLang (blog)
  8. Interview: Caryn A. Reeder by womenscholars (blog)
  9. Five (or Seven) Questions with Jack Mulder Jr. by Eerdmans (blog)
  10. Interview dans le magazine Réveil by Michael Langlois (blog)
  11. the challenge of teaching Bible to young Christians (or, true growth is painful) by Peter Enns (blog)
  12. News Flash: Right-Wing Fundamentalists Don’t Understand Islam by James F. McGrath (blog)
  13. Interview: Caryn A. Reeder by womenscholars (blog)
  14. Interview: Caryn A. Reeder by womenscholars (blog)
  15. The Text of the Hebrew Bible. From the Rabbis to the Masoretes by Dan Batovici (blog)
  16. Book Write-Up: After Acts, by Bryan Litfin by James Pate (blog)
  17. Omar Comin’…. (for real, this time) by abramkj (blog)
  18. What Does It Take to Be a Heretic? by Stephen Bedard (blog)
  19. The Characterization of Jesus in the Book of Hebrews by Nick Norelli (blog)
  20. “It depends…” – Some thoughts on translation by thepatrologist (blog)

Top 15 Biblical Criticism Posts

  1. No reports of Talmud burning by Jim Davila (blog)
  2. ISIS execution video in Palmyra by Jim Davila (blog)
  3. Book Review: Altared (Claire and Eli) by Jacob J. Prahlow (blog)
  4. CNN's 25 structures to see before they are destroyed by Jim Davila (blog)
  5. Those were the days… by Matthew R. Malcolm (blog)
  6. Yale Library Website on Medieval Bookbinding by Peter J. Gurry (blog)
  7. Those were the days… by Matthew R. Malcolm (blog)
  8. Those were the days… by Matthew R. Malcolm (blog)
  9. New World Heritage Sites by Jim Davila (blog)
  10. Kurdistan's Jewish heritage by Jim Davila (blog)
  11. A few more notes on Asterius the Sophist and the Commentary on the Psalms by Roger Pearse (blog)
  12. Two New Book Reviews on RBL by Brian Small (blog)
  13. Onward to Cambridge! by Mike Aubrey (blog)
  14. Book Review: Duane Liftin, Paul’s Theology of Preaching by Phillip J. Long (blog)
  15. Book Review: Linguistic Analysis of the Greek New Testament by diglot (blog)

Radical Criticism Posts

  1. “5 good reasons to think Jesus never existed” by Neil Godfrey (blog)
  2. What Did Love Mean to Jesus? Pt 2, or How can Love be COMMANDED? (Avalos and The Bad Jesus) by Neil Godfrey (blog)
  3. My Forthcoming Book Is Now Available For Pre-Order On Amazon by John Loftus (blog)
  4. Channeling Ourselves by admin (blog)
  5. Did the Universe Begin, and How? (Interview) by Aaron Adair (Gilgamesh (blog)
  6. Christian Texts and History • Another lengthy note on Hebrews 8.4 (where Jesus dies). by Ben C. Smith (blog)

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

By noreply@blogger.com (Charles Savelle) The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below.Bob Becking, ed.Reflections on the Silence of God: A Discussion with Marjo Korpel and Johannes de Moorhttp://www.bookreviews.org/bookdetail.asp?TitleId=9610Reviewed by Ulrich Berges Kathryn D. Blanchard and Jane S. Webster, eds.Lady Parts: Biblical Women and …read more

Free Resource Alert – Brian Small’s Dissertation “The Characterization of Jesus in the Book of Hebrews”

By Jennifer Guo Abstract: This dissertation accomplishes three things. First, it identifies the literary and rhetorical devices that the author of Hebrews uses to construct his characterization of Jesus. Second, it reconstructs the portrait that emerges from the author’s characterization of Jesus. Third, it indicates how the author’s characterization of Jesus is important …read more

New Additions

By Brian Small Some additional resources added this evening:Ribbens, Benjamin J. “Levitical Sacrifice and Heavenly Cult in Hebrews.” Ph.D. diss., Wheaton College, 2013.Langenhoven, Hanno, Eliska Nortjé, Annette Potgieter, and Yolande Steenkamp. “The Day of Atonement as a Hermeneutical Key to the Understanding of Christology in Hebrews.” Journal of Early Christian History 1.1 (2011): …read more

Wish You Were Here

Get Your Glorious Graphics on the Go Summertime is filled with long days and hot weather prompting the urge to get away. Wherever your summer travels may lead you, experience magnificent biblical sites from the comfort of your own laptop or tablet. And if you’re not taking a summer …read more

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