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By MSH Just a quick note (and perhaps an explanation for newcomers) to the progress on marrying my newly-approved (by the IRS) non-profit to everything I do online. Many readers are new or will have missed my post back in December 2015 explaining this. Here’s a brief summary, followed by my update.

What’s …read more

Weekend Roundup

By Todd Bolen A seven-year-old boy found a 3,400-year-old figurine at Tel Rehov. Archaeologists working at Timna in southern Israel found some remarkably well-preserved fabrics from the time of David. You may recall that for a long time scholars denied there was any activity at the site during the time of the …read more

Expository Times 127/6

By Danny Zacharias The Expository Times March 2016; Vol. 127, No. 6—————————————————————– Articles —————————————————————– A Majuscule Lectionary Manuscript of John?s Gospel at the University of Edinburgh Zachary J. Cole and Elijah Hixson The Expository Times 2016; 127:261-268 doi:10.1177/0014524615584741 When Humans are Not Unique: Perspectives on Suffering and Redemption Bethany …read more

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