Monthly Archives: March 2016

Free conference, April 14, at Christ Church, Oxford: Temporality and the Sacred in Religious Practice

By Rosalynde Welch Former T&S blogger (and permanent T&S friend) Jim Faulconer and philosopher Marc Wrathall, currently at UC Riverside, are co-sponsoring a free conference on the character of religious existence, with particular emphasis on the experience of the sacred and the temporality of religious practice. The one-day even will take place …read more

The Perfect Candidate

By Ken Schenck Quick post, thinking of “The Conservative Advantage.” To tickle the moral ivories of the American populace, a candidate might:1. Harm – Address ways in which some group s/he represents is being harmed. Republicans might reference Americans being harmed by not having a strong military (Cruz). Democrats might reference individuals who …read more