Christian Texts and History • Rhetorical Analysis of Galatians

By DCHindley Just for the hell of it, and because I already had this in a spreadsheet:BetzBrinsmeadKennedyStandaertHallSmitLongeneckerHesterRussell1.1-5: epistolary prescript1.1-5: epistolary prescript1.1-5: salutation1.1-5: intro-duction épistolaire1.1-15: salutation – exordium1.1-5: epistolary prescript1.1-5: salutation1.1-5: epistolary prescript1.1-5: prescript – salutation1.6-11: exordium1.6-10: pro-oemium1.6-10: proem1.6-12: annonce du thème1.6-9: proposition1.6-12: exordium1.6-10: exordium1.6 -10: exordium1.6-10: prologue – proem – exordium1.12-2.14: narratio1. …read more