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Utopia Now?

By Scot McKnight Source: VIKEN, Sweden (AP) — It was a chaotic, late-night scramble to buy baby food with a screaming toddler in the backseat that gave Robert Ilijason the idea to open Sweden’s first unstaffed convenience store. Home alone with his hungry son, Ilijason had dropped the last baby food jar on …read more

J.P. Holding being sued

By Neil Godfrey In July 2015, 20 members of the TheologyWeb forum were named as targets of a “libel” lawsuit by a former atheist member. So far only one of those 20 — me [J.P. Holding] — has been served with complaint and summons, and litigation is in process. If you would …read more

Gird up now thy loins

By Gavin R The Good Book contains the exhortation to “gird up thy loins”, but what does that mean? Thankfully, The Art of Manliness hath the answer in the form of a step-by-step illustrated guide.First, though, if you want to make like Jeremiah (1:17), Job (38:3) or other biblical worthies, you blokes will …read more

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