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Just Ordered

By Nick Norelli So I decided to continue my book buying binge and support the Westminster Bookstore at the same time. I just ordered the following seven volumes:
Jesus is the Christ: The Messianic Testimony of the Gospels – Michael Bird
Reformed Dogmatics, Volume Four: Soteriology – Geerhardus Vos
One God in Three Persons: Unity of …read more

A new Tanakh

By Gavin R The Israel Bible is a new online resource for reading the Hebrew Bible. You can listen to the Hebrew version of the text and read along in English or Hebrew.The focus of this translation is on the real estate in Palestine.The Land of Israel is the most central aspect of …read more

Christian Texts and History • The Grafted Story of the Empty Tomb

By Charles Wilson Bernard Muller,, Caesar’s Messiah, ISBN 978-1461096405Raskin, The Evolution of Christs and Christianities, ISBN 978-1413497915Wilson, New Testament Origins, ISBN 978-1491228388Simply put: The Empty Tomb Story has been added to the Gospels. Our Poster Bernard has reasoned to a Magnificent Conclusion and it is important for the understanding of the physical …read more

Aorist or present imperative? Why?

By jps Ronald Blankenborg, “The Grammarized Suggestion of Proximity or Distance,” in The Greek Verb: Morphology, Syntax, and Semantics, suggests that the use of the aorist imperative vs. present imperative is related to “the hearer’s immediate and accurate involvement, his proximity to the reaction required. Imperfective imperative is hence somewhat rude and …read more

Hebrew and You with Lee M. Fields — The Tree of the Knowing Good and Evil (Gen 2:9)

By Lee Fields This well-known verse describes the situation in the Garden of Eden before the fall. There is great theological import in all of these chapters on creation, but what concerns us here is an interesting point of grammar, the last clause, וְעֵץ הַדַּעַת טֹוב וָרָע (weʿēṣ haddaʿaṯ ṭôḇ wārāʿ).
What is the …read more