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By jps Why do American people need such enormous levels of firepower in both weapons of war and domestic handguns? Why do we need extended magazines for semi-automatic weapons filled with cop-killer bullets to penetrate so-called bulletproof vests? Why do law-abiding citizens need silencers for their guns, or grenades, or the latest …read more

Political columnist H.A. Goodman, writer for The Baltimore Sun, The Hill, Salon, and Huffington Post explains in an article what the polls are missing in the current presidential race, and names who he believes will clearly win the next election.

By John Loftus I’m linking to an updated post that now includes a video discussion. In the video the claim is made that the millennials are under-represented by the polls when showing Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers to be higher than Bernie Sanders’s poll numbers. The fascinating thing is that land lines are used …read more