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Christian Texts and History • Apollinari(u)s of Hierapolis on the gospel of Matthew.

By Ben C. Smith The Chronicon Paschale appears to still lack a thoroughgoing English translation; sections and excerpts have been translated, but apparently not the entire thing. Accordingly, it can be difficult to access some of its testimonia to early Christian texts.So here is one such testimonium, one apparently concerned with Quartodecimanism and purportedly …read more

A Clean Slate

By jdtabor Good morning 2016 around the world. Good coffee, catching up on the news both on-line and TV. Feeling very grateful and thankful. For some reason Dylan’s words in his famous “Song to Woody” popped in my head:
Hey hey Woody Guthrie I wrote you a song
About a funny old world that’s …read more

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