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The Final Battle

By Jason Ben Witherington had this to say about the final cosmic battle in Revelation:
There is such a strong stress on God’s control over the final eschatological
situation in apocalyptic literature that when in fact one gets to
the final showdown, it turns out not to be a battle between human
forces, which we might …read more

Emanuel Tov, “Septuagint and Other Ancient Greek Translations”«Η Μετάφραση των Εβδομήκοντα και Άλλες Ελληνικές Μεταφράσεις»

By digiSapientia Emanuel Tov, “Septuagint and Other Ancient Greek Translations”The Septuagint, also known as the LXX, is a Greek translation of Jewish scripture that was prepared in Alexandria and Palestine. The Hebrew source of the LXX differed from the other textual witnesses (the Masoretic Text [MT] and many of the Qumran texts), …read more