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At the core

By jps What Jesus advocated, then, was a cruciform existence for his followers. The moral fellowship of the kingdom, then, is a fellowship in the cross. Think briefly over the pages of the New Testament where cross becomes the norm for discipleship (and not just the atoning sacrifice). Jesus maps the Christian …read more

Christian Texts and History • Marcion Smackdown in Atlanta (11.24.2015)

By Peter Kirby Sounds fun. … lanta.htmlDieter Roth, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität MainzMarcion’s Gospel: Reconstructions and Their Implications (30 min)Jason BeDuhn, Northern Arizona UniversityMarcion’s Evangelion and the Two Source Hypothesis (30 min)Ronald van der Bergh, University of PretoriaMarcion’s Legacy and the Old Testament Quotations in Codex Bezae’s Luk (30 min)Judith Lieu, University of CambridgeMarcion’s Gospel …read more

Jeremy Corbyn and the Radical Bible

By James Crossley From The Mirror,
In Harnessing Chaos: The Bible in English Political Discourse since 1968, I argued that the Thatcher-Blair understanding of the Bible/Religion/Christianity—a construction associated with economic (neo)liberalism—effectively, pushed the Radical Bible—a construction associated with a specifically English or British socialism (broadly understood)—out of parliamentary political discourse. Tony Benn was …read more

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