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Bible Gateway Interviews about my Invitation to the NT

By Ben Witherington Here are two interviews with me about textbook, Invitation to the NT. See what you think…. (cut and paste the links into your browser) BW3 Your second interview with Bible Gateway is now live at (Your first interview is at …read more

Alan Segal on Life after Death

By Deane Professor Alan Segal (then emeritus at Barnard College) delivered a lecture on “Life After Death in Judaism” on November 13, 2008, at Stanford University. Alan Segal discusses near death experiences (NDEs), The Sopranos, Sheol, apocalyptic, martyrdom, resurrection, and transformation into angels.
Alan Segal was the author of Life After Death: …read more

Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither? Three Views on the Bible’s Earliest Chapters

By Jennifer Guo Charles Halton ed. Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither? Three Views on the Bible’s Earliest Chapters. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2015. 176 pp. $16.99. In contemporary evangelicalism there’s hardly a biblical/theological topic more divisive than that of origins. The various topics under this umbrella (such as creation versus evolution, an historical …read more

Biblical Theology Bulletin 45/3

By Danny Zacharias August 2015; Vol. 45, No. 3—————————————————————– Presenting the Issue —————————————————————– Failure Is the Mother of Success David M. Bossman Biblical Theology Bulletin: Journal of Bible and Culture 2015; 45:130 doi:10.1177/0146107915590761 —————————————————————– Articles —————————————————————– Reading Esther as Heroine: Persian Banquets, Ethnic Cleansing, and Identity Crisis Johnny …read more

From Faith to Faith

By Jason I was reading through Romans 1 earlier and was curious how you out there interpret the phrase ἐκ πίστεως εἰς πίστιν. I haven’t read through commentaries or works on Romans lately, so I don’t recall what the prevailing interpretation is (if one is even more dominant than others).
Here’s the whole …read more

An Atheist READS Online

By Sean Fracek Steve Shives joins us on the Mythicist Milwaukee ShowSteve Shives is an upcoming Youtuber and blogger known within the secular community for analyzing/critiquing apologist literature. His videos have been features on the Richard Dawkins Foundation of Reason. He also does a lot of active work with feminism.Steve Shives has been …read more

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