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I ran a 5K today. Not my best time ever, but an improvement on recent times. It’s been a very long time since I’ve raced–I’d forgotten the energy boosts that come from family and friends (and complete strangers) cheering us runners on!Filed under: News Tagged: running …read more

Paolo fu una chimera (V)

By G. Ferri “D’ogni malizia, ch’odio in cielo acquistaingiuria è il fine, ed ogni fin cotaleo con forza o con frode altrui contrista.Ma perchè frode è dell’uom proprio male,più spiace a Dio; e però stan di suttoli fraudolenti e più dolor li assale»(Dante, Inferno XI, 22-27)Uno scettico sull’autenticità di tutte le epistole paoline …read more

The kingdom

By jps Kingdom is people; church is people. A people under King Jesus begins to live into an alternative society that witnesses both to and against the world’s system. Our world is marked today by isolation, fragmentation, transience, privacy, consumerism, power, complacency, alienation, suspicion, and a host of idolatries. The church, which …read more