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From my diary: Gentlemen say “Old Slavonic”, Yankee; the latest on Methodius; plus the Oxford Patristics Conference 2015. All in your soaraway blog!

By Roger Pearse Sometimes, it’s just a very good idea to go offline! —

I’m back after a very pleasant week of holiday, and I’m starting to pick up the threads once more. I’m still feeling somewhat frivolous.
While I was away, Ralph Cleminson sent over a fresh version of Methodius’ De Lepra (a …read more

Avoid it!

By jps When we are persuaded into the depths of our heart that what we believe to be true is the Truth, we want this for all others. When we want this for others, we are tempted for our witness to become coercive, manipulative, and sometimes to resort to violence. Jesus opposed …read more