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A New Word from a Non-word in Your NA28?

By Peter J. Gurry At 2 Peter 2.14, the majority of Greek witnesses describe a group of people “having eyes full of an adulteress” (ὀφθαλμοὺς ἔχοντες μεστοὺς μοιχαλίδος). Charles Bigg concluded in his ICC commentary that the majority of manuscripts “are certainly wrong” since the sense “absolutely requires μοιχείας [adultery]” (p. 283). I suspect …read more

Divide away

By jps I have seen God use good theology to liberate lives. But I have also seen people misuse theology, resulting in abuse, hard hearts and pain. One thing that I have become concerned about in theological studies is the temptation to make overly strong divisions: between academics and the church, between …read more

Do You Reflect These 4 Characteristics of an Emotionally Unhealthy Leader?

By Jeremy Bouma When you think of an unhealthy leader, who do you picture? What kinds of adjectives would you use to describe them?
Angry, controlling, aggressive?
Avoidant, inauthentic, passive?
Unaware, self-absorbed, over-worked?
Here’s how Peter Scazzero describes such a leader in his new guide on the matter, The Emotionally Unhealthy Leader:

The emotionally unhealthy leader is someone …read more

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