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The Hebrew Gospel—Pt. 3

By admin A second pre-synoptic gospel layer We must now add another source—and another layer—to the ongoing synoptic schema recently investigated on this blog. We recall that Matthias Klinghardt has elaborated a revolutionary schema of synoptic gospel development in his exhaustive 2015 volumes. His conclusions are summarized in graphic form below (left). …read more

Το Αρχέτυπο του Ήρωα: Το νέο ντοκιμαντέρ των Μυθικιστών του Μιλγουόκι [VIDEO]

By Greek Mythicists Το trailer του ντοκιμαντέρ που ετοιμάζει πυρετωδώς τους τελευταίους μήνες, έδωσε στη δημοσιότητα πριν από μερικές ημέρες η ομάδα των Μυθικιστών του Μιλγουόκι ( Πρόκειται για το “Batman and Jesus” (“Το Αρχέτυπο του Ήρωα” η απόδοση που επιλέξαμε για την ελληνική γλώσσα) σε σκηνοθεσία Josef K. Richards, στο οποίο αναδεικνύονται …read more

The National Catholic Reporter: Providing convoluted explanations for inexcusable bible passages

By Steve Wells In a recent blog post at the National Catholic Reporter, Thomas L. McDonald claims that the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible and other internet scoffers “pile ignorant derision” on “the difficult parts of the Bible.” He then provides the correct explanations for “five hard Bible passages.”

Amputation for Touching a Man’s Genitals …read more

Carolina Speaks

By Megan Ivanyos Carolina Peña, 17, appeared on “Equador’s Got Talent,” which is more like American Idol than America’s Got Talent. After a performance, one judge asked her if she believed in god. She told the truth – No. “People don’t talk about this,” said Peña of atheism.She was condemned heavily by …read more

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