Digest for August 27th, 2015

Biblical Commentary Posts

  1. Περί της αίρεσης by Castellio
  2. Review of SHARKK® 15W Bluetooth Wireless Speaker by abramkj
  3. Extrabiblical Sources as Context – An Excerpt from Reading Romans in Context by ZA Blog
  4. History and Theology – an Excerpt from Encountering the Old Testament by Mason Slater
  5. Rachel in Review: On Spiritual Depression and the “Tired” Epidemic by Eerdmans
  6. Church Sticks with Boys by Alison Moore Smith
  7. The results of my research in the use of software to read the Hebrew Bible by Bob MacDonald
  8. An offered bibliography on the accents by Bob MacDonald

Biblical Criticism Posts

  1. Richard Bauckham Responds by …………..

Radical Criticism Posts

  1. Paolo fu una chimera (IV) by G. Ferri
  2. Help Make Recovering from Religion Succeed by Richard Carrier

National Bible Week

By Timothy From USCCB:WASHINGTON—Families, parishes, schools and other Catholic groups can participate in National Bible Week, November 15-21, with resources provided in English and Spanish and available on the website of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The theme of the observance is “The Bible: A Book for the Family/ La Biblia: …read more

Does Song of Solomon argue with Genesis 1-3 about human sexuality ?

By Joel L. Watts If, as some critics have argued, the Song’s humanistic viewpoint represents an Israelite poet’s self-conscious attempt to “demythologize” ancient Near Eastern concepts of sacred sexuality — manifest in fertility rites […]
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My books …read more

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