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By Gavin R It’s nice to see the Silenced website (silenced.co) active once again. Recently a couple of notable pieces on the decline of the United Church of God (UCG) have appeared, once the largest of the schismatic groups from the Worldwide Church of God.Marking UCG’s Decline (Feb.1)COGWA on the Rise (Feb. 3)I’m …read more

Digest for February 11th, 2016

Top 20 Biblical Commentary Posts

  1. A post that is not about fight church?!?!?!?!?! by Scott Fritzsche
  2. Abuse of Male Headship – An Excerpt from Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife by ZA Blog
  3. Upcoming Speaking Engagements 2016 by Bart
  4. Utilitarian, neutral tool? by jps
  5. Modern Christology, Part 2 by Dave Banack
  6. Best in Show: The Most Popular Products of 2015 by Holly Marr
  7. Giveaway & Review of A Theology of Mark’s Gospel by David Garland by Lindsay
  8. Bi-Lingual Inscriptions in Galilee by Ben Witherington
  9. Theological discourse and the sexuality debate by Ian Paul
  10. Healthy Men. The power of forgiveness. by Craig Benno
  11. Religion, Media and Culture Group CFP: American Academy of Religion Annual Conference, San Antonio, 2016 by mattsheedy
  12. Walt Kaiser on the Psalms by Charles Savelle
  13. Scientific American podcast on the Philistines and Tell es-Safi/Gath by arenmaeir
  14. Eschatology: Daniel Verse-by-Verse II by Henry Neufeld
  15. Rome Recreated (AD 320) by George Athas
  16. BYU NT Commentary Summer Seminar by Julie M. Smith
  17. Interviews on My Book, Reading John (Skinner) by Christopher Skinner
  18. Interview with Rabbi Michael Harris – Faith Without Fear by Alan Brill
  19. On God and Calves by Nick Norelli
  20. How to Get the Most Out of Your Logos Home Page by Mark Ward

Biblical Criticism Posts

  1. Nicholas of Myra – the story of the generals, and of the three innocents – now online by Roger Pearse
  2. D.C.-Area Archaeology Event: Why the Jews Took on Rome by Biblical Archaeology Society Staff
  3. Bart Ehrman's Latest Book by Anthony Le Donne
  4. Bart Ehrman’s Latest Book by Anthony Le Donne
  5. Bart Ehrman’s Latest Book by Anthony Le Donne

Radical Criticism Posts

  1. Responding to the Anti-intellectualism of Faith by John Loftus
  2. The Man who (literally) Pulled a Religion out of a Hat by Gavin R
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