Digest for September 2nd, 2015

Biblical Commentary Posts

  1. Theses on Professionalization: Jennifer Collins-Elliott by mattsheedy
  2. Beware of Overnight Experts by Nick Norelli
  3. What Would a Biblical Error Look Like? by Stephen Bedard
  4. I (Still) Believe: Scot McKnight by Ken Schenck
  5. About the ekklesia / Περί της εκκλησίας by Castellio
  6. 7 Questions: Michael Stark of the Truth & Life Bible by Timothy
  7. Complement–Arianism? by Ian Paul
  8. The Final Battle by Jason
  9. II Baruch, "Soon" Eschatology, and Grace and Works by James Pate
  10. Introducing Walker Wright by Nathaniel Givens
  11. Data, Doctrines, & Doubts: Improving Gospel Instruction by Walker Wright
  12. 31. For Schools and Colleges by abramkj
  13. The Gospel according to Luke according to Marcion by Brian LePort
  14. Casarella & Cardinal Ouellet: Mystery and Sacrament of Love by Eerdmans
  15. Sue Frumin’s interview on Channel 10 about Philistine invasion biology by arenmaeir
  16. In Defense of the Revised Common Lectionary by Darrell Pursiful
  17. Philistines introduced new plants to the coastal plain by ferrelljenkins

Biblical Criticism Posts

  1. On Racism and Linguistics by Daniel O. McClellan
  2. Two Great Scholars Speak to Interpreter Gathering by David Larsen
  3. YCAS 2015 Profiles 8: Timothy Pettipiece by Tony
  4. Matthew Ferguson Reviews my Book by Michael J. Kok

Radical Criticism Posts

  1. Falsi Testimoni: nessun Gesù e nessun cristianesimo prima del 70 E.C. by G. Ferri
  2. Emanuel Tov, “Septuagint and Other Ancient Greek Translations”«Η Μετάφραση των Εβδομήκοντα και Άλλες Ελληνικές Μεταφράσεις» by digiSapientia
  3. Michael Kok, “The Gospel on the Margins: The Reception of Mark in the Second Century” by adversusapologetica

[Common Places] Engaging with Kate Sonderegger: Interview (Part 2)

By Michael Allen and Scott Swain, editors of Common Places The release of a book within a multi-volume systematic theology project makes for a momentous occasion in the world of systematic theology. Over the last few years a number of such projects have launched, none to greater acclaim or worthy of more significant attention than Katherine Sonderegger’s Systematic Theology. In …read more

The Expository Times 126/12

By Danny Zacharias The Expository Times September 2015; Vol. 126, No. 12 http://ext.sagepub.com/content/126/12?etoc—————————————————————– Articles —————————————————————– Does the Reformation Still Matter? David Whitford The Expository Times 2015; 126:573-577 doi:10.1177/0014524615584734 http://ext.sagepub.com/content/126/12/573?etoc Three Tales of Three Cities in the Book of Judges Roger Ryan The Expository Times 2015; 126:578-585 doi:10.1177/0014524614560295 http://ext.sagepub.com/content/126/12/578.abstract?etoc A Nazorean and …read more

The Final Battle

By Jason Ben Witherington had this to say about the final cosmic battle in Revelation:
There is such a strong stress on God’s control over the final eschatological
situation in apocalyptic literature that when in fact one gets to
the final showdown, it turns out not to be a battle between human
forces, which we might …read more

Emanuel Tov, “Septuagint and Other Ancient Greek Translations”«Η Μετάφραση των Εβδομήκοντα και Άλλες Ελληνικές Μεταφράσεις»

By digiSapientia Emanuel Tov, “Septuagint and Other Ancient Greek Translations”The Septuagint, also known as the LXX, is a Greek translation of Jewish scripture that was prepared in Alexandria and Palestine. The Hebrew source of the LXX differed from the other textual witnesses (the Masoretic Text [MT] and many of the Qumran texts), …read more

Digest for September 1st, 2015

Top 20 Biblical Commentary Posts

  1. New Release: Youth Ministry in the 21st Century: Five Views by Mason Slater
  2. Streaks: Tracking Habits by abramkj
  3. New Testament Studies 61/4 by Danny Zacharias
  4. On My Bookshelf: Cornelius Plantinga Jr. by Eerdmans
  5. Sure it's good, but by jps
  6. Don’t Forget! by Jason
  7. How Ice Cream Contributes to Christian Theology by Darrell Pursiful
  8. Review: The Choice of the Family by Bishop Jean Laffitte by Timothy
  9. Tim Keller on Prayer by Andy Naselli
  10. And When You Fail … by Steve Bricker
  11. 10 Practical Steps for Living as an Ecclesial Theologian by Jeremy Bouma
  12. The Unity of the Bible and Expository Preaching by Charles Savelle
  13. State of the Projects, September 2015 by thepatrologist
  14. Irish Biblical Studies on-line by Rob Bradshaw
  15. Sequences of accents in the Hebrew Bible by Bob MacDonald
  16. Approaching the rest, an analysis by Bob MacDonald
  17. An Apocalyptic Vacation— Why Not Book Now? by Ben Witherington
  18. An Apocalyptic Vacation— Why Not Book Now? by Ben Witherington
  19. The Maimonidean Controversy in 1305-6: Gregg Stern–Philosophy and Rabbinic Culture by Alan Brill
  20. August 2015 Biblical Studies Carnival by Darrell Pursiful

Biblical Criticism Posts

  1. Ancient Manuscripts Are Not Necessarily More Reliable by James E. Snapp, Jr.
  2. 2015-09-02 03:27:42 by Brian Small


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